Michael brings to the training a diverse set of skills, which makes for each session being different; challenging in new ways and fun in new ways. His attitude is infectiously enthusiastic. He shows respect and concern when my physical limitations are encountered, though he isn’t deterred from expecting progress, given the right pacing and technique. That’s important when you’re over 60 like me, because I found out from training on my own that I could incur injury from using poor form. Working with an experienced trainer is safer and more effective.

Michael has a special interest in physical activity in the outdoors. Seeing and experiencing how training effects show up in real-world applications keeps my motivation strong.  He’s helped me to do more, do it safely, and maintain a can-do outlook.

Bill Spring

Michael Gayle reads bodies the way a lot of people read books.  His unique combination of skills in the martial arts, Pilates, weight training, boxing, massage and tracking, allows for a deep reading.  I’m benefited from his expertise in so many ways, certainly physically in terms of strength, stability, and balance, but also spiritually in terms of mindfulness and mental focus.  I came to him for lower back pain; I left with renewed confidence and clarity. I commend him to you with high delight.

Martha Stortz

I originally was a client of Michael Gayle’s 10-years ago.  He helped me not only lose 60-lbs. but also got me ready to take the FBI’s fitness test for new special agents.  Unfortunately I had an unrelated health scare that did not allow me to continue my journey with the FBI and it caused me to get off the path that Michael had initially put me on.

After trying a few other personal trainers, I could not find the connection and magic I had with Michael.  Fast forward to now, I am seeing Michael once again.  Only after a few sessions, I am already seeing weight loss.

Another thing I love about Michael is that he tailors your sessions for you; it is not a cookie cutter experience. He could play dodge ball and wrestle with one client, while doing Pilates with another client. The next day he is climbing bluffs covered in snow or snowshoeing through a regional park.

Michael though is more than just a personal trainer.  When you see Michael, you also get great advice on what you are putting into your body and mind, while fully experiencing his belief in you.  His enthusiasm for life and for making a better you is contagious right when you open the door.  And at the end of each session after he has exercised your body, he exercises your mind by giving you a quote that is personal to you.

Kevin Hamlin

I have had the privilege of working with Michael for 12-years. I was fourteen at the time. I continue to train with Michael and he has been more like a brother to me then just another personal trainer. Michael has coached me all my life in various activities, including boxing, hiking, wrestling, aikido, cycling, strength training, and has taken me on several trips and outdoor adventures. What makes Michael unique is his infectious spirit, energy and motivation. Michael treats everyone of his clients like family. Michael has truly inspired me to stay active and to never give up on my fitness goals.

Andrew Aiello

I enlisted Michael’s expertise as a personal trainer and Pilates expert to deal with a painful lower-back issue.  Michael was able to stabilize and strengthen my core such that my back pain went away within a few weeks of starting to work with him.  I maintain my posture and pain-free back by doing a specially-designed exercise program Michael created for me every morning.  I highly recommend Michael for his ability to quickly translate into manifest reality the fitness goals of his clients.

Gretchen Hansen

Michael helped me break through some barriers with my physical goals. I had a history of martial arts and also distance running, some weight lifting in college, but My training was stalled and I was not balanced. Michael’s creative and fun workouts were challenging and he had me doing things I never thought I could physically. He told me I would do them and I did. He is there with you bringing his indomitable spirit and enthusiasm. I’ve seen him work with clients of all ages and abilities from kids to grandparents. From fitness to outdoor experiences, from biking trips to climbing a mountain, Michael is equipped to help you reach your goals. He is trained in outdoor survival and tracking and will keep you safe on any trip.

Sean Dunn

Realtor, St. Paul, Minnesota

Michael Gayle came highly recommended by close family friends.  In 2008, at 12-years of age, my mother encouraged the onset of my training journey at his former fitness storefront, MGayle Studio.

From day one, I’ve been extremely pleased with Michael’s work ethic, customer service skills, professionalism and genuine care and commitment to me.  He embraces my goals wholeheartedly, via careful listening, and promptly formulating and articulating a clear written strategy.  My intent fascination with exercise –  especially weightlifting – and Michael’s mirrored enthusiasm, drove me to work hard with him three times per week and embrace the assigned homework that followed.  Consequently, I began to experience immediate and profound results with my physique and self confidence.

Over the course of three and one half years, we utilized weights, Pilates, agility training, plyometrics, partner drills (e.g. fireman’s carry), boxing conditioning drills, running, intense outdoor climbing, distance hiking while carrying a 40-50 pound pack and outdoor small group strength training.

Due to my positive training experiences with Michael, as a freshman, I decided to try out for high school wrestling.  With no prior wrestling experience, my first year, I won thirty-one matches and lost only two.  Michael attended a couple of my matches to cheer me on.  My junior year I made the varsity team.  At 16-years old and 140 pounds, I could bench press 300 pounds.  My senior year, I was made captain of my wrestling team.

Following my graduation from high school, I stopped training with Michael for a few years.  Presently, I’m 21, and have enlisted Michael as my trainer yet again.  Just like old times, I articulated my fitness goals (e.g. significantly increase my muscle mass) and he promptly formulated a clear action plan.  In an astonishing two months, I gained twelve pounds of lean muscle by utilizing nutrient dense whole foods.

If you are looking to get back in shape, lose weight, gain muscle or improve upon your current workout program, or lack thereof, Michael Gayle is clearly a five-star choice.

Alexander Smith

Michael provides balanced, focused and personalized Pilates instruction.  His Pilates instruction provides for optimal improvement of muscle groups while core strength is enhanced in a balanced and personalized manner.  Personal improvement of stability, strength and flexibility through Michael’s Pilates instruction allows for better range of motion and less chance for injury while pursuing active hobbies.

Joshua Hanen

My partner and I hired Michael as a personal trainer as part of our new year’s resolution in 2007. We worked with him for almost six months until moving across the country. I credit Michael with helping me break through both physical and mental barriers that I had in place with regard to working out and exercising. He is part fitness coach, part life coach and all around great guy. Michael always kept things fresh and different in the gym and that really kept me excited to go back.

Annie Cull

It’s really tough to be limited to only picking three attributes!  I had periodic back spasms, general pain, and a general feeling of slowing down – seems to happen when you clear 50 or so.  It was starting to affect my activities and lifestyle.  Michael taught me to strengthen my core, and exercise techniques that I still use daily.  My chiropractic visits have been mostly eliminated, I feel better, and have far more endurance to do the things that I want to do.

Michael is personable and expert at what he does.  He comes up with creative ways to stimulate you and keep your exercise from becoming routine.  I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to enjoy their daily life more.  Thank you Michael.

Ted Wentink


Michael Gayle taught me how to embrace fitness with creativity, hard work, and consistency.  He is a highly knowledgeable fitness leader! Michael motivated the deepest parts of me to become passionate about caring for my body.  I am a 36-year old woman who regularly gets hit on by men who are over ten years younger than me. That is a real self esteem booster!  Without Michael’s passion, I don’t know that I would have been able to look at fitness with love, but probably would have believed (like many) that it’s just something I have to do.

Michael has shown me how to independently and safely workout with weights. He never made me feel different because I am a woman, so it is not intimidating to workout in a majority weight lifting, male population.  Michael taught me gym etiquette. He taught me how to love training outdoors by rollerblading, hiking and running.

Lastly, thanks to Michael’s energy, knowledge, and passion, over seven years ago, I became a certified personal trainer and a Yoga instructor two years ago.  I have been passing the passion and love of fitness to my clients.

Michael is truly a professional personal trainer.  The moment you meet him, it it quite likely that you will feel like you are in great hands.  Get ready to change your life and your approach towards fitness.  Michael can help you reach your fitness goals.  I have met many trainers over the years and none can compare with Michael.  He is the best

Michelle Mednini

Michael is one of the most passionate people I have ever met! He is someone who truly believes in everyone’s abilities to accomplish their goals. His community involvements, through his studio, are truly exemplary. MGayle Studio helped raise over $20,000 for our food shelf through a Pilates for a Purpose fundraiser, which was the creation of Michael. He is truly amazing!

Armando Camacho

Integrity is Michael Gayle’s middle name. I would trust Michael with any work situation. He is motivational and hard working. He is a visionary and insightful.  I highly recommend Michael!

David Patterson

Michael and I are proud graduates of Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce’s flagship program, Leadership Saint Paul.  In 2009, we worked together on the ‘Farmers Market’ project in Highland Park.  I was impressed with Michael’s outgoing social skills, dedication to any business that he always runs with passion, and people management style.  Michael always cares about other people first and does it in the way that motivates others with his smile and intelligence, creating a positive working atmosphere.  I would recommend Michael for any type of business.  He is the person who you always can rely upon and would like to have in a team.  Seeing him every day it just simple pleasure and great inspiration for any business.

Inna Tobak

Michael is an idea man who could motivate a bear in the dead of winter. It is no wonder that he has long-time, committed clients due to his dedication and enthusiasm. I don’t want to sound cliche, because in this case, it’s true: Michael always gives 100+% to every client and project he is working on. Having worked with him on a business level and seeing him interact with his clients, I would highly recommend him. He will reach – and help his clients reach – any goals that are set forth.

Lisa McCue Janusz

I’ve known Michael through our association in Toastmasters International.  Michael’s personality is winning and winsome, a great combination for anyone seeking to improve his or her life through fitness, leadership and communication skills.

Michael has great attention to detail and to individuals.  When he and I talk, I know I have his undivided attention with a sincere interest in what’s happening in my world.  You can’t emphasize those traits and skills enough in any business relationship.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants personalized service connect with Michael soon!

Keith Hardy

I’d love to hear about your life fitness goals even if they feel like a far off dream!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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